Sentinel for dogs is a total parasite formula designed to make canine parasite control easy on pet owners and their wallets by dealing with fleas, heartworms and a range of intestinal parasites – all in one! And, if you choose wisely you can benefit from great prices on discount Sentinel too.

After lots of time spent browsing online pet med suppliers I have found the very best prices on Sentinel and Interceptor (its sister product) are to be found with USPets. You can check out their current pricing on Sentinel without a prescription via the link above.

Sentinel Heartworm Pills

Sentinel is primarily a heartworm medicine. All heartworm medicines work similarly. Rather than prevent the parasite ever occurring (which is pretty much impossible since heartworms are passed to dogs by infected mosquitoes), Sentinel simply removes any microscopic larval heartworms before they pose any risk to health. Providing you use such a medication every month, the parasites are never able to survive long enough inside the system to become a worry.

All heartworm medications in the US it is sold with an RX. Owners need to be sure their pets are free from heartworm disease before using any type of heartworm preventative. This is done with a simple blood test (or by beginning continuous use of heartworm meds when the dog is still a pup). You must be sure your pet is clear of the parasite before using Sentinel flavor tabs. The easiest way, is by using them year round, every month.

Sentinel Flea Tablets

Around 95% of the fleas in any area will not be the biting adults. Instead they are eggs, larvae and pupae which are waiting to develop into those adult biters in the near future. Sentinel controls fleas by destroying flea larvae and eggs so significantly reducing the flea population that would otherwise hatch soon.

Using such an insect growth regulator pet owners are actually carrying out flea prevention rather than simple flea control. For very severe flea infestations you may wish to use a flea adulticide as a one off treatment to rid your pet of any biting adults too. But since the adults don’t live long, and your use of Sentinel is preventing future outbreaks, this should not need to be repeated.

Sentinel Worming Tablets

Hookworm, roundworm and hookworm are also treated with regular use of Sentinel Flavor Tabs.

Having one product to deal with all the critters we wish were not using our pets as dinner is a great time saver, and money saver too!